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Manage the safety of your business plus a whole lot more...

If You Attend One Safety Event This Year - Make It This One!


Safety is one of those critical areas of your business that you simply can't ignore..

It literally is about life and death...

Yet many businesses fail to take it seriously and therefore end up placing themselves at risk of non-compliance with hefty fines and possible jail time.

Don't let this be YOU.

Join us & learn how to ensure you are protected from legislative risk and much more.

Showcased in this event is an Industry leading product called “Online WHS”. Online WHS looks after your safety plus a lot more like your accounting software might be used to look after your finances.

We have been working with Online WHS for the past 10 years, and believe there is no better option for any size business. We recommend it to all of our clients who are wanting to improve safety for their business, whilst saving both time and money.

So cost really can't be seen as an issue here... because you can't put a price on the safety of your employees!

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These seminars have been delivered around the country successfully assisting businesses of all sizes for over 15 years. It's relevant for businesses of any size, and you are guaranteed to leave with new information and strategies that will ensure the safety and protection of your business.

Don't put it off any further - REGISTER TODAY!

Check out some of the Online WHS features by clicking on the images below using your QR Code reader!